Psychodynamic Counselling at CPF

Inside Room

Psychodynamic counselling at CPF offers you the chance to speak to someone about whatever is on your mind at your weekly counselling session.  You may wish to explore your feelings and thoughts about yourself or about your relationships. This type of counselling can provide insight through an understanding of how your past experiences and relationships and your current experiences might be related.

Early experiences, fantasies and relationships are important in shaping us. Counsellors acknowledge that many personal difficulties can be the result of mental processes that are hidden from us. A traumatic experience now can relate to difficulties in the past, yet we may not be conscious of this. Psychodynamic counselling seeks to help us become aware of how unconscious processes influence us, leading us at times to feel out of control or surprised by our own actions and thoughts.

With new understanding, our patterns can be challenged and mental rigidities can be made more fluid. We may then find we can create a path to fresh ways of thinking and to an experience of having more choice in how we live our lives.

Individual open-ended Counselling

CPF offers a choice of counselling arrangements. If you are offered open-ended counselling, you will meet with your counsellor one to one at the same time each week for a 50 minute session. You and your counsellor will discuss and think together about how long your counselling  continues; this might be any length of time up to 3 years.

Individual time-limited Counselling

Time-limited counselling at CPF consists of 12 weekly 50 minute sessions of counselling. This might be the type of counselling you would like if you have a single issue to address and you believe 12 sessions to be a suitable length of time. You can discuss this with your assessment counsellor at the initial assessment session.